And thus we begin

Hello from Becky and Jonathan! In preparation for our upcoming trip to New Zealand, we’re starting a blog to share photos we take over the next five or six months.

A rough overview of our itinerary, for the uninitiated:

August 10th, we leave DC, and road-trip across the country on a northern route. We’ll get to Oregon about two weeks later, see some family, then…

August 29th, fly out of Portland. We’ll arrive in New Zealand three days later, with a night in San Francisco en route. (We lose August 31st all together.)

From September 1st to December 17th, we’ll live, work, and travel in New Zealand. We’ll be in Wellington primarily, but we plan to buy a car and trek around as much of the country as possible.

December 17th, we fly back to the US, arriving nine hours before we leave. (Then the earth implodes.) We’ll spend Christmas with Becky’s family, then head back across the country on a more meandering southerly route.

We return to DC sometime at the end of January ’09. (The apartment is sublet through January 20, so we’re shooting for getting back sometime in the week following.)

Right now we’re trying to work, pack, and tie up loose ends all while planning this exciting trip. (At least the visa/immigration stuff is finally done.) Jonathan’s dad is not only letting us use his basement as storage for the time we’re away; he’s also sent us lilies from his garden which are making the apartment smell heavenly. They’re beautiful, which is why they’re the inaugural picture in our photo blog.

lilies from Jonathan's dad

lilies from Jonathan's dad


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3 Responses to “And thus we begin”

  1. Donna Says:

    I JUST realized that your banner photo is a kiwi. Hilarious!

  2. Stasia Says:

    Those lilies are absolutely gorgeous! I agree with the kiwi comment, very witty. Have a great time you guys, and I look forward to following along on here.

  3. Tai Says:

    Yippeeee! Have a magnificent time, I will be sure to drool over the pics and trip. =D

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